The Beauty of Knowing Omnipresent (Prambraham)


About the Omnipresent

Omnipresent : ?  Your Aradhya Dev / Devi (Isht Dev / Devi) or any other Dev / Devi in which you are having complete faith - is Omnipresent.

If you ask about Omnipresent to any knowledgeable / spiritual person he will be quiet speechless because no one can describe Ompnipresent completly.

The Omnipresent is within and beyond thoughts, words, in and without shape, micro to micro and mega to mega, within and beyond the universe, prior to the beginning and end of the ending.

Why to believe in Omnipresent?

If we look closely in our surroundings we see the vehicles moving, different types of machines functioning. Their must be a driver and an operator that keeps it moving and operating. Since the existing of the universe all living beings, including humans, the heart is beating and blood is circulating in their bodies. The air is blowing in the atmosphere, you can also assess the velocity. Regulary and accurately the Earth, Moon and other Planets are moving in the Universe at their respective paths. All these and other than that are in motion is driven by the force - i.e. Omnipresent.

How to know Omnipresent?

This subject only and completly relates to the soul, not to the mind. We cannot know about Omnipresent with the logics.

Your association with Omnipresent will develope in propotionate to the level of your faith and purity of your soul. Higher the purity of your soul and faith, stronger will be your bond with Omnipresent.
You must spend quality time each day with Omnipresent. Dedicate yourself with complete faith and devotion, positive thoughts and purity of soul. Gradually you will start knowing Omnipresent and experience the unique exhilarating pleasure.

The time, process and period can be as per your own convenience.

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Why to know Omnipresent?

  • Gradually you will start awakening the Insight.
  • Gradually you will start knowing about True Knowledge.
  • Gradually you will start knowing the Secrets of Life and  Nature.
  • Gradually you will start to understand the reasons of Sorrow and Happiness.
  • Gradually you will feel the sense of completeness and have faith in yourself.
  • You come to know about something special, after that nothing remains left to be known and you get something special that you don't have any wishes left for anything else.


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