Honorary Member

Swami Shri Satish Ji

His Holiness Swami Shri Satish Ji was born in a village of district Karnal(HR).The eldest son of a school teacher.Though academically brilliant,qualified as a civil engineer nevertheless was restless.The inner turmoil set him soul searching for the secrets of nature and life.Through the growing up years,he was always inclined towards the Spirituality,Prambraham ( Omnipresent ) and was greatly inspired by the teachings of great Braham Rishis (Sages) and Divine Men.

He achieved his spiritual knowledge through the studies of Holy Books, Puja and Meditation.Resultant: Inner - Self Awakening ( True Knowledge ) bringing out the untouched beautiful mind and metamorphosed personality.This changed his vision and mission in life. He committed to himself to work towards the spiritual upliftment of mankind.

Today, under his Spiritual Insight ,Guidance and Powerful Discourses has world wide followers. His Spiritual Guidance and Healing changed peoples lives. People from all walks of life seek blessings, spiritual guidance of his Holiness Swami Shri Satish Ji on one-on-one basis to heal and lead a soulful life with peace and prosperity.



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