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Vardaan Spiritual Foundation -A Holy Centre is a source for universal community seeking Peace & Prosperity through Spiritual Enlightenment. The holy centre is situated at the Spiritual Land of India Delhi. For over decade the foundation is wholeheartedly associated and dedicated towards spirituality, spiritual subjects and social causes. The foundation is a holy, spiritual, traditional, cultural and non-religious organisation that has been dedicated in helping individual,corporate group,leadership so forth to achieve their life's goal and purposes irrespective of their life's circumstances.

The foundation reaches out to the people of the society through its social events 'Vardaan Utsav' organises Spiritual programmes on Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing. The foundation in its social initiatives is focused on causes related to the Environment,Cleanliness, Medical, Education, Food & Clothing for the poor, aid for the Senior Citizen and Animal Welfare. Rehabilitation of the psychological and mentally weak segment.

World wide medical research centre are continuously working on strong, healthy and accurate functioning of body for human beings and other living beings.Similarly Vardaan Spiritual Foundation-A Holy Centre continuously and every moment tries to make the soul of human beings and other living beings strong and healthy. As a resultant of continuous endeavours by Vardaan Spiritual Foundation - A Holy Centre, today worldwide there are numerous followers who have benefited and pose unshakeable faith and contribution of those is memorable.
The foundation strength lies through the unconditional guidance and support,mentorship of his holiness Swami Shri Satish Ji....


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