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Vardaan Utsav
28th May 2017 Haryana

Environment and Cleanliness
VSF- Green
Greenery has essential and special importance in maintaining the balance of the environment. Vardaan Spiritual Foundation- A Holy Centre always does its part by planting Trees.
Healthy environment helps to improve the quality of life. Trees contribute life's two major essentials food and oxygen. It also supports Ecological,Personal and Spiritual values.
We emphasis strongly on Tree Plantation through our VSF- Green'program and educate people to understand the benefits of Tree Plantation & Care for Trees.

Vardaan Utsav
May 2014, Delhi

VSF- Svachchh
Time to Time foundation organises various cleanliness initiatives and program in
various parts of country in order to keep the environment clean and pure.

Vardaan Utsav
24th June 2017, Bikaner
E-TV Rajasthan

Religion and Racism
Foundation serves the society through various services in attempt to free the society from various religion and race discrimination and to spread knowledge about humanity and reality.
Ethnic relations is a complex issue existing in the society. We help people spiritually to understand their illusions and perception of their belief system.
We help remove the blindfold and encourage to build a constructive relations within the society without discrimination towards religion,racism,tradition and culture.

Serving the psychologically and mentally week segment. We serve mentally weak category of people for whom dealing with day to day life is a big challenge. Mental illness/weakness could trigger due to various factors like biological,trauma /abuse or family history. The social stigma associated with mental illness / weakness is a widespread problem.
We provide help and support through rehabilitation to overcome their mental weakness, be confident and overcome their inability to face the society. Positive mental health allows people to realize their full potential,cope with stress of life,work productively and overall improve their quality of life.

Medical support services for needy Women
We provide health care support for Women. Women's health issue deserves as much attention as men. It impacts differently due to various factors as a result of both biological and gender related differences. Sociocultural barrier prevents women and girls to benefit from quality health services.
VSF - We Care' works to strengthen the women's health care. Our program through campaigns, home visit and community meetings imparts awareness & educates women the importance of healthy life and various health conditions, specially the pre and post care pregnancy,child birth and family planning.
It enables low-income women to get appropriate health care from public health care system and community.

Educational support services for needy Children
The Parliament of India enacted the right of children to Free & Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act(RTE) on August 2009...As per the act,education is a fundamental rights of every child who is between 6 to 14 years of age.
VSF- The Hope' works towards the development of the underprivileged children through the system of education. We believe education is the gateway to empower a child towards personal growth, builds their confidence and hope for a better life.

Helping hand and submission for the old and week citizens.
VSF- Golden Age
We dedicate our services to help the Senior Citizen. Old Age Is Just The State Of Mind! generally is the belief that exist among us. But what about the elderly men and women who face daily challenges to survive each day to the helpless situation filled with humiliation and remorse. Due to ill treatment,denial of basic needs food,clothing,medical care for their sinking health condition,physical & mental abuse faced socially,sometimes isolated family members & relatives or simply born poor.

Other aids for the poor and under previliged
VSF- Golden Age' extends support to make a difference for better life by taking care of their basic needs food,clothing,medical care and emotional well being with dignity and respect.

Kindness for helpless animals and birds.
VSF- Care
Non- violence and compassion towards animal kingdom is our motto. VSF-Care, the purpose is to make people aware about the care,management and nutrition of pet and stray animals and birds. As human beings they to have basic needs food,medical and healthy living,they too can suffer physical and emotional stress if are hurt.
We need to realize and contribute with holistic approach towards the welfare of non-human animals with love & friendship.

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