A Step
Towards Complete Peace and Real Prosperity

Most of the people are effected with problems and sorrow in their life either due to their past or present karma. By the simple changes in our lifestyle we can solve our problems and live our life with complete peace and real prosperity.

We must take care of certain things in our life :

  1. We should always have complete faith with purity of soul in Omnipresent.
  2. We should always avoid negative attitude, thoughts, prejudice and should have positive attitude, thoughts and behaviour towards others.
  3. To achieve anything we should never apply aggression on any issues in life.
  4. We should never think of taking revenge or punish anyone.
  5. We should always be focused on our duties with honesty rather than our rights.

Adopting of these are that simple changes.

If any person who is into any kind of problem or sorrow, is unable to overcome the same despite of all the efforts done by him/her...

  • Vardaan Spiritual Foundation, a Holy Centre tries every moment to make your Soul Beat stronger.
  • Vardaan Spiritual Foundation will organise the Prayer / Hawan / Yagya for the concerend person.
  • Remember that blessings keeps sorrow away. (Yaad rahe dua se dukh dur hote hain)

Each and every person wants every thing Best of Best in their life.
This attitude to get the Best of Best and to prove ourself to be the Best of Best, we become Selfish.
This Selfishness automatically convert into Negative Attitude. Over the period, certainly this Negative Attitude makes our mind extremely sick.

What can a Negative Attitude do? "Certainly Destruction".
Usually we blame, hard circumstances / any particular incident / particular person for our nonsense.
Thereafter, we protect ourselves in very beautiful ways by giving excuses that we didn't had any substitute / were very helpless which is just a defense and very wrong.
After doing wrong and sinful acts we are not ready to admit the facts / the reality.
Why do we behave so? Because, we do not want to live our life with guilt and regretting it.
Sometimes we give so much importance to our useless needs that they become the part and partial of our life. Over the time, these habits turn into addiction and we start behaving inhumanly and cruelly. Due to these addiction life becomes miserable and shameful.
Many a times we lose the most important and the greatest opportunities that can never be availed later, that could have filled our life with true happiness.

I Believe...the Sole Creator of this universe did not arose any type of situation or so far exist since the Era, for which one need to adopt any wrong ways and we should remember this at all times.

*If you have or come across any such type of example..you are most welcome to share with us.


With Negative Attitude we think, that we can become Successful / Powerful through Wrong / Destructive means. In reality, Negativity can never show us the right direction and certainly cannot be the Right Solution.
Let me tell you the truth, as and when we desire anything or perform any act with Negative Attitude, our surrounding / nature opposes us and whatever the outcome, we get that will be certainly be Fear Coated.

Now you decide that how much you want to enjoy with the fear coated achievement.

On a Contrary part....

As and when we desire anything or perform any act with Positive Attitude in life , our surrounding / nature begins to favour by showering blessings upon us. However the difficult situation we go through, at that particular time we may not get things as we wished for.
But, eventually what we receive will be the Ultimate Best and as the time goes by we will realise the same.Take it for granted we will be the winner.

Negative attitude is like a Poison while the Positive Attitude is like an Elixir (Amrit).
For a while let's assume that our mind is like a container. If there is a poison in the container, whatever we add into, the outcome will be automatically poisonous. If there is an elixir (Amrit) in the container, whatever we add into, the outcome will give us complete peace and real prosperity in life.
We should understand and accept our negative attitude and wrong doings,must make a commitment to never repeat the same in future.
Until now whatever we have achieved by wrongful means from who so ever, for once give it back to them and experience that life will become extremely contented in comparison to the past and as never before. Initiate and experience with the smallest deed.
Wishing for Best of Best in life is not wrong, but achieving it with the positive attitude, hard work and honesty is the right way.

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