I was an ordinary person. After coming in contact with the Foundation, I am enlightend with true knowledge of knowing The Omnipresent (Parambrahm). Now I am on the path of spiritual journey and feel that I have reached my life's purpose. Today I have no desire to achieve anything more.
(Jagdeep Singh Hooda- 07082247247, 09416100693)

I am a business man. One day suddenly I faced huge losses in my business. It came to the verge of shutting down. With severe financial problems caused a lot of agitation in my family. During the time I came in contact with the Foundation. With their support i gradually revived my business. Today I am debt free and am living a happy life with my family.
(Vikram Lochab - 07988613452, 08198918507)

I was unable to get married for a very long time. This caused tremendous tension within my family. Someone told me about Vardaan Spiritual Foundation and Swami Shri Satish Ji. After getting in contact with him, I got married to the man of my choice and have a daughter. Myself and my entire family are stress free and very happy.
(Khushboo - 09560222469)

After completing my education,i was unable to get employment. It caused tremendous mental stress for me and my family. Meeting with Swami Ji, he performed prayers for me and with his blessings, I got the job of my choice beyond my expectation. Today I am a successful person and hopeful to have very bright future ahead.
(Arpit - Australia- +61426409225)

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